Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Craft Fair

The Christmas Craft fair for our junior high Destination Imagination teams was December 11th and 12th. What a relief to finally have it over!

Instead of pricing everything individually, we priced them by "table" and had $1, $2, $3, $5, and $7 & $10 tables. That worked out extremely well for us.

Surprisingly enough, our most popular sellers were the $1 gift card holder ornaments pictured on this tree. I'm not sure which batch this is because each time we'd finally make enough to fill the tree again, a new person would come in and buy all of them! One customer purchased the 13 that we had in stock and special ordered 7 more!

We had tons of the little mini portfolio gift card holders in stock, but the ones that hang from the tree beat them hands down. We also sold quite a few packages of the reindeer food that's pictured on the left. It wasn't ready until the 2nd day, and I think we'd have sold a lot more if we'd had it ready the first. Several people came and bought stuff from our $1 table to give out as Christmas presents for their children's day care and elementary school class mates. We sold all of our pillow boxes filled with M & Ms for that reason--before we even had a picture of them!

Although the students really enjoyed making these Sizzix boxes, they didn't sell as well as we'd hoped. Part of the problem was that the heater in the gym foyer got too hot the first day and the adhesive in some of the boxes started "melting" and those boxes deflated like balloons! We sold the majority of the whisks we'd made and will probably offer them again next year. I'm not sure how many of them actually made it home as Christmas presents and how many were quickly emptied of their candy by hungry students!

These were the altered frames on the $7 and $10 table. We sold most of the large ones and received several special orders for the word frames. I don't have any pictures of the frames on the $5 table because we couldn't keep them in stock, either! The small frames were sized to hold 4 x 6 pictures, and some customers were snapping up two and three at a time. We'll definitely be offering them again. Instead of wearing the DI team members down, this craft fair seems to have pumped them up! They want to have another one in the spring closer to Mother's Day and Graduation. Since our DI competition is February 28th, we'll have plenty of time to get ready!