Friday, February 15, 2008

Hush Heart Success!

Would you believe we sold out of the extra hearts we'd made at home during the first lunch period yesterday and had to rush to make more?

By the time it was all over, we'd made 720+ of the hearts. We were amazed how the kids took to the challenge. Sometimes it's hard to get them to buy into something "new," but once they saw the prize baskets, the 7th graders were on board, and once they found out 7th graders were winning, the 8th graders jumped in to take over!

The 7th grade boy who won the Hush Heart King prize had over 50 hearts he'd managed to earn by making the girls who had bought them talk. The girl who won the Quiet Queen prize had over 120 hearts.

We definitely plan to do this fund raiser again next year and to start more than three weeks ahead of time to make sure we have enough hearts made to last the week!


Michele said...

Jana, this sounds like a super fun fund raising idea! (and very successful, too!) Great job!

Anonymous said...

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