Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Big Thanks!

A big thanks to everyone for their kind words and encouragement! After I completed three surgeries in three months for my eye--and was unable to salvage the vision in it, my husband ended up in the hospital for 19 days and had two surgeries of his own.

He was diagnosed with Grave's Disease and Myasthenia Gravis. He has been home from the hospital for several weeks and is finally able to go back to work part time. He's still being fed from a tube in his stomach, but he is also able to swallow some things, and the list of foods he can swallow is growing.

I couldn't have made it without his family's willingess to take over with his 24/7 care and give me some rest.

Now I'm back at work full time and enjoying being in my new classroom with my students. We're getting geared up to start making the items for our craft fairs, and I can't wait to post some of them here on my blog.

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Latenightstamper said...

Thank you for sharing your trials with me. You are an inspiration of faith and hope. May you know that you are loved. I have never met you but I know we have so much in common. I believe God hears and answers prayers and I know he listens to us and comforts us with his spirit. God bless you and your husband. May your burdens be light and may you continue to have such a kind and happy personality. Bless you always, Sherrill Graff