Saturday, September 20, 2008

Card Packet Directions

Everyone has been so nice about the hostess gift I posted last week that I feel guilty about all the attention it's received!

My upline learned how to make the card packets at convention and taught us at a team meeting when she returned. Several people have asked for directions, so I thought I'd better post them.

I'm not very good at writing directions, but this is what I've been telling everyone who has asked:

1. Using an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock, score at the 5 1/2 in line
on the 11 in side (or score to divide the paper in half on the long side).

2. On the 8 1/2 in side (short side) score at the 2 1/4 in mark.

3. Once you've folded on the scored lines, it makes the card holder.

4. Cut a small V on the bottom flap of the card holder so it looks
like the inside of a pocket folder kids use at school. (You can
use sticky strip on the outside part of the flap to help keep the
cards from falling out or the flap from falling down.)

5. Use your Cropodile to punch holes at around 3 inches from the
bottom on either side. (You want to make sure the holes are
above the bottom flap.)

6. Cut ribbon long enough to fit through the holes and tie a bow.

7. You want the majority of the ribbon on the inside so it will keep your cards in place.

8. Make two cards to fit in each pocket with matching envelopes.

Hope that makes sense!

My students are helping me make more of these to sell at a Craft Fair for a fund raiser, so I'll be posting more examples sometime this week.

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