Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Blasts

You may have noticed recently that I've made quite a few birthday pages. As soon as my pictures are ready, I'll be using them and making even more!

My birthday was last Saturday, so two of my classes threw me birthday parties on Friday, and one of them threw a party on Monday. There was so much good food I almost feel like auditioning for a Rolaids commercial!

While everything was wonderful, my favorites were the home-made flan Angelica brought to the first party (I'm a flan addict!), the sliced barbecue soft tacos with cilantro and green sauce Yesenia brought to the second party (I'm a BIG fan of green sauce), and the cake and ice cream Tucker brought to the third party that also included a petite cake for me to take home and share with my husband. Isn't it cute?

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Julie said...

Wow! That was nice. I love your blog by the way! Great pages!